How to Increase Brand Awareness Using Effective Marketing Strategies

marketing flowchart hand drawing on whiteboard

The marketing landscape has been significantly disrupted by new technologies and methods and is no longer a straightforward issue where companies just poured in money into a marketing strategy, and the customers would be influenced to buy their products. Over the last couple of years things have changed and the customer is in charge and they choose the kind of company and service that they want. It is remember that these changes have been orchestrated by media fragmentation, the introduction of social media, mobile applications and websites which have made it even harder to reach the general market. Because of these developments, a new strategy called Brand Lover Marketing Strategy has been developed to reach the target audience. Check out to get started.

The purpose of any business is get a new customer and create a repeat customer out of them as the company seeks also to get other new customers. For the client to remain a repeat client, then the company needs to build a relationship with them and to build such a relationship then the business must have a brand because a brand makes the customer associate the company with certain things and images that the firm stands for, and that goes beyond just the name and the logo. It is important to state that branding is a complex strategy since it not only requires effort from the firm but also input from the customers to create a brand that resonates with the client and the stronger the association between a brand and the feelings of the customer the better the business performs.

One vital marketing strategy is implementing a brand lover marketing strategy is to focus on the best clients who love the company the most and can not only emotionally connect with the company but can also celebrate with it and for them when dealing with a company. An amazing fact to highlight is that brand lovers repeatedly choose a business over its competitors and they drive the bulk of the company sales but at times, the company might know very little about them. Read more about this at

The next step is to identify the brand lovers and these are not necessarily huge followings but are the kind of customers that give repeat business and even refer their friends and colleagues about the brand. The truth is that brand lovers are not found, rather they find the brand and by analyzing a series of activities a business can tell who are their brand lovers. It is important to acknowledge the fact that brand lovers are the customers that take the following steps: frequently email the company, often call the company, blog about the business products and services, create and post videos about the brand and even mention the brand on social media. Go to for more tips.


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